How it works

1. Choose an  item to paint


​We regularly get new items in, so there is always something different to paint!

2. Use some of our special tools and techniques to make your creation truly unique

You may want to paint free hand, but if not we also have different tools that can help you create masterpieces, even if you don't think you are creative.

Take a look at our 'Inspiration' page to see how easy it is  to create beautiful ceramic items that you will be proud of forever.

3. Wait for the magic to happen!

We will then glaze your item and put it in our  kiln to fire. Once removed from the kiln it will  have transformed from a matte bisque item, to a  lovely shiny proffessional looking piece. Pop in to collect it a week later.

4. Collect Loyalty Points

Every time you come in you will get a stamp on your  loyalty card, once you have collected 6, you will get your studio fee free!

What is a studio fee?

A studio fee is a one-off fee paid when you come to paint in the studio. You only pay the studio fee once per visit, regardless of how many items you are painting.  This covers the costs of paint, tools    and for the item to be glazed and fired.

Child: £3.50

Adult: £4.50